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In search of precise and impactful predictions? Dr.Ravindra Jain can be your guide. With a distinguished career spanning nearly three decades and over 100 awards, Dr.Jain has garnered a national reputation and the trust of numerous clients.

Dr.Ravindra Jain brings over 25+ years of experience in astrology, Vastu, and gemstone consultations to the table. These extensive years have honed his knowledge and skills, allowing him to offer invaluable insights and guidance in these areas.

A hallmark of Dr. Ravindra Jain’s Vastu services is the rapid results they deliver. His practical and effective Vastu solutions can bring noticeable improvements within days or weeks.

Dr.Jain is a specialist in Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system renowned for its accuracy and dependability. He possesses a deep understanding of its principles and applications. Vastu Shastra encompasses various aspects of life, including architecture, design, and energy flow.

What truly sets Dr.Ravindra Jain apart is his personalized approach to Vastu consultations. Recognizing that each client has unique needs and goals, Dr.Jain takes the time to comprehend their specific requirements and tailors his Vastu recommendations accordingly.

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Basic Principles of Commercial Vastu

Transform your work space with the power of Vastu Shastra! By incorporating these ancient design principles, you can cultivate a harmonious and prosperous office.

Location Selection

  • Plot Shape: Rectangular plots with ratios of 1:1 or 1:2 are ideal. Avoid irregularly shaped plots.
  • Open Space: Leave ample space around the building, especially in the North and East for positive energy flow.
  • Office Layout and Design

  • Owner's Cabin: The owner's cabin should be in the South-west (Nairutya) zone, but not in the extreme South. Consider consulting a Vastu expert for the most suitable placement based on your astrology.
  • Reception: Place the reception in the East or North-east zone for a calming and welcoming vibe.
  • Employee Areas: Employees should ideally face North or East while working.
  • Colours and Decor

  • Reception: Opt for light and calming colors like blue, white, or grey for the reception area.
  • Overall Decor: Keep the office clutter-free and well-maintained.
  • Entrance Door Placement

  • Direction: Ideally, place the main entrance in the North-east (Ishanya) zone for prosperity. Avoid the South-west (Nairutya) zone.
  • Entrance Design: Doors opening outwards in the North-east direction are considered auspicious.

  • Placement of Utilities

  • Storage: Place shelves for storage in the South-west zone. Keep lighter items on North or East side shelves if already existing.
  • Water Storage: Locate water storage tanks in the North-east or North for positive energy.
  • Washrooms: Ideally, position washrooms in the South-east zone.

  • Lighting and Ventilation

  • Natural Light: Prioritize ample natural light throughout the office space.
  • Artificial Lighting: Ensure proper artificial lighting to avoid dark corners.
  • Ventilation: Maintain good air circulation for a healthy work environment.
  • Significance of Commerical Vastu

    Commercial Vastu, a traditional Indian system, focuses on creating a harmonious and prosperous work environment through spatial arrangements. Here’s why it’s significant:

      • Energy Flow Optimization: Vastu aims to balance the natural elements within a commercial space, promoting positive energy flow. This can lead to a more productive and positive atmosphere for employees and customers alike.

      • Positive Customer Perception: A Vastu-compliant space can subconsciously create a welcoming and pleasant ambiance for customers, potentially influencing their perception of the business and leading to increased patronage.

      • Improved Business Performance: Proponents believe Vastu principles can enhance financial stability and attract new business opportunities. The focus on positive energy flow is said to create a space that fosters growth and success.

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    Effects of Vastu Doshas in Office

    According to commercial Vastu or Vastu for office, a well-designed space can promote positive energy flow, but imbalances or “doshas” can lead to challenges. Here’s how Vastu doshas might affect your office:

    • Decreased Productivity: Improper placement of workstations or a cluttered environment due to Vastu dosha can lead to employee lethargy and hinder productivity.

    • Communication Issues: Doshas in the communication zones of an office might lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between colleagues or with clients.

    • Financial Strain: Commercial Vastu suggests that Vastu doshas can affect financial stability. Some believe it can lead to difficulty attracting new business or issues with cash flow.

    • Low Employee Morale: A negative energy flow due to Vastu imbalances might create a stressful and uninspiring work environment, leading to low employee morale.

    • Health Problems: While not medically proven, some believe Vastu doshas can create an environment that contributes to health issues for employees who spend long hours in the office.

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